FOP Fedchyshyn company was founded in 2017 in Ukraine, in Volyn region - on the territory of nature reserve, known for its clear lakes and fabulous forests. In our company, we have collected the centuries-old experience and traditions of our ancestors in the preparation of medicinal plants. From generations to generations - we gained knowledge about the gifts of our land and we’ve managed to clothe old traditions of collecting nature’s gifts into a modern concept.

  The company FOP Fedchyshyn is engaged in its own harvesting, processing, distribution and export of medicinal raw materials: our assortment – it’s a classic set of medical plants, which consists of wild herbs, leaves, flowers, roots and fruits.

  From our ancestors we have learned the right methods of harvesting, the right way of drying and processing, we know how to preserve all the healing properties of plants and deliver a high-quality product to our customers.

  Moreover, we have mastered modern technologies and, with the help of our scientific staff, we’ve managed to start manufacturing of oils and extracts from medicinal plants using harvested plant materials - without preservatives, colourants, synthetic additives. The technology of low-temperature processing of raw materials allows us to preserve and convey to you everything that nature has planted into herbs.
  Today our raw materials are supplied to companies in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Poland, Belarus and Russia. Our geography is expanding and today our raw materials are used by:

 - pharmaceutical companies,
- tea manufacturers,
- food supplements manufacturers,
- animal feed manufacturers,
- manufacturers of cosmetics and extracts.

  We are valued for quality, flexibility, competitive pricing
and strategic opportunities.

  Working with us means a guaranteed fair and mutually beneficial partnership.